Odyssey has been quiet the past month, but behind the scenes we've been working hard to deliver the biggest update in Odyssey's history. And we it released last night!

 The updates:

· Unreal 5.2.1. We've updated Odyssey to use UE 5.2.1. Along with all the advertised features this brings, Epic has also completely overhauled their pixel-streaming code - making it faster, more reliable, and more secure.

· Bridge Configurator. Add bindings to your Unreal blueprints and drive them directly from Odyssey's UI. These changes are automatically networked across all participants. Create a time-of-day slider, a color picker for a car's paint, or drive AI assistants with text prompts.

· Embedded Player. You can now embed Odyssey on any webpage or app as an iframe. This includes a full SDK to allow you to manage your users sign-in process (or skip it), and a pixel-stream API to drive your application's logic from your own front end.

· Mobile Support. To properly build an embedded player, we had to also solve mobile. Odyssey now automatically scales to mobile resolutions and includes built-in mobile controls.

This is just scratching the surface of what we have planned over the next month. We're looking forward to getting your feedback after this release — but most importantly — seeing what you build with Odyssey.

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TPN + evia is a team of producers, creatives, and technicians who partner with visionary agencies, brands, and creatives who dare to dream bigger. We merge fierce imagination with a rigor for story and the technical expertise to bring it all together into seamless and stunning experiences.

Odyssey is a pixel streaming metaverse platform that uses UE5 builds to allow anyone with a web browser to access high fidelity virtual worlds. It’s the latest creation from a global team of developers and engineers who have combined technologies to allow mass adoption and interactive virtual world experiences.

Together we empower you to design, build and launch your metaverse presence.

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New Features!

Unreal 5.2

Bridge Configurator

Embedded Player

Mobile Support

Custom Player Controller

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Training Gallery. Pick an avatar, come into our Odyssey Gallery and see videos sharing our features and our unmatched visual fidelity.

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Travel to a remote and atmospheric lake to be part of an out of the ordinary experience. Our Oasis template will showcase your products, services, or events in a way that will leave a lasting impression.

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  • 5 Avatar streaming hours
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$ 99 Month
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  • 10 Avatar streaming hours /mo*
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  • 2 public spaces
  • Additional spaces $59 per
  • Video on demand including PIP
  • Live streaming to imbedded screen
  • Crisp & Discord support


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  • Live streaming to imbedded screen
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  • Crisp & Discord support


$ 799 Month
  • Annual billing $690 per month
  • 90 Avatar streaming hours/mo*
  • 8 team admins
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  • Analytics Endpoint using REST API
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*Additional Avatar streaming hours at  $3 per.

Imagine what we can build together

Connected Experiences

True connected experiences. Virtual to virtual or real-world audience to virtual audience for true real-time hybrid communication and  interactions. Creating collaboration and a sense of community.

Real Estate Sales

Create a deeper connection with your prospective buyer. Tour any place around the globe and dialog with your customer.

We provide valuable data and insights about customer behavior and preferences.

Manufacturing Processes​

Avatar interactions allow users to collaborate, share information, and work together. Demonstrate any device prior to its real-world manufacturing.

As Seen In

Use Cases

Digital Twin

Working with the Luxid agency, Dell’s remote sales team needed a way to communicate physical configuration options to their customers in real time.

Using Odyssey, their sales teams can take customers directly into a data center to understand the implications of physical configuration options at scale.

Custom Metaverse

McDonald’s wanted to bring their global marketing team together in a unique and immersive way to connect, learn, and share for their annual Feel Good Marketing Awards.

Using Odyssey, their attendees gained brand loyalty and took away key messaging through content discovery and a live stream.

Mark Czupryna

Creative Director

“Odyssey is hands down the most immersive and accessible metaverse platform we have found on the market today.”


Movie Premiere

Working with agencies Alt Ethos and Fantico, TPN envisioned and built an entertainment and gaming environment in UE5, based on the newly released film Vikram, from Raaj Kamal Films International.

The Vikram metaverse is an immersive token gated experience giving NFT buyers access to unique character artwork, digital avatars based on the characters, props, posters, fan interaction moments, private screenings, and the option to convert some of the NFT’s into real-world tangible assets.

Product Launch


In the lead up to April 20th (AKA 4/20) TPN worked with Soma Innovation Lab and the Chalice brand to bring a Woodstock-like environment to life to celebrate the day, drive sales, and support cannabis brands, farms, artists, communities and collectors.

The Chalice metaverse is a token gated experience providing in-world unique experiences where fans can create and customize avatars, hang out, listen to music with friends, view product exhibitions, and connect with personal “budtenders” who provided premiere concierge level personal shopping. It’s a new kind of community for customers, bridging the gap between digital and physical worlds.

Sales Enviroment


John Vadino

Founder TPN

“TPN was proud to support Cuco in learning the Odyssey

Schedule a demo ride in one of our worlds. We will be happy to guide you through the functionalities of our metaverse.