AI Driven Avatar Develop Progress

Follow the instructions on the screen. Do not forget to allow access to the microphone.

The host of the center is a digital me (Alberto) created using my Linkedin and Odyssey information from his website. The other 2 hosts are pre made by CONVAI as demo content to test several avatars in the same space.The avatar response may take some time depending on your location.

This is the list of the technologies used in the assembly:

Open AI connection
Speech recognition
Text to speech
Lip Synchronization

Done so far:
– CONVAI implementation for webGL in Unity.
– Creation of a character in CONVAI’s brain.
– Import of a RPM Avatar in CONVAI.
-Publishing in a WordPress site using iFrame with microphone capability.

Development path:
– Perfecting the mechanics of “Look Towards”.
– Add own animations
– Adding Actions, such as “Go To”, grabbing things, etc by the avatar.
– Refine the brain for better access to data.